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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions; we have answers. See below for our list of FAQs for each disability benefit type.

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General FAQs

How is this different from my health or life insurance policy?
Income protection or disability insurance ensures you have an ongoing monthly income to support the financial needs of you and your family when you suffer an illness or injury that effects your ability to earn your income.

Why do I need this?
Every North American is reliant on an income to provide themselves necessities like shelter, food, heat, hydro, clothing etc. Losing your ability to earn an income due to an illness or injury leaves you vulnerable without the appropriate protection. 1 in 3 Canadians lose there ability to work everyday. (CLHIA)

How much is a policy?
Costs are determined based on a level that you select and qualify for. Contact us to speak with an Agent about your personal needs to provide you an accurate quote.

Who’s eligible?
We've designed our plans to help the self-employed and tradespeople. You’re eligible if qualify for the plan.

What are the different types of disability insurance?
Disability insurance offers many different types that protects the policy holder(s) in the case of accident or sickness.

Income replacement: Provides a monthly paycheque.
Dismemberment: A one time payout in the case of a dismemberment.
Hospitalization: Pays out when the policy holder(s) are confined to a hospital.
Critical Illness: A one time payout in the case of a critical diagnosis. Which diseases are outlined in each policy.
Business Plan Protection: Pays an ongoing income to cover business expenses when the names policy holder(s) become injured or ill.
Income protection is broken down into two essential parts: Accident and Sickness.
Accident protects your income when there is an incident with external forces that causes you an injury; you were hurt.
Sickness protects your income when an illness is produced over the course of time. This includes reparative surgeries as the condition is produced over time rather than an incident of injury as outlined above.

Does the company recognize chiropractors?
Yes. As long as they are licensed, they can sign your claim form just the same as licensed medical doctors.

When am I protected?
Our Accident plans protect you 24 hours per day, every day, on or off the job. Our Sickness plans protect you whenever you fall ill. Our Safe Drivers Plan protects you whenever you're in a car, bus or truck, as a passenger or driver.

How do I make a claim?
Visit your doctor and then visit La Capital FS and follow claim directions.

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