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If you're ready for a limitless opportunity while servicing the hardest working Canadians and have what it takes to run your own business then apply now and let's start discussing your

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Landmark Canada Mission Statement

We provide financial security by specializing in simplified personal disability insurance and financial solutions that fit the unique needs of Canada’s self-employed, skilled tradespeople and other individuals who do not have easy access to traditional insurance and financial products.

We work with the self-employed and trades that are often overlooked. We offer them security and protection of their most important asset: their ability to earn an income.
We all have our own reason why we do this but we all share in wanting to help the unprotected. We are looking for entrepreneurial spirited people to join our team and continue to help the unprotected.
It's time to find out your why.

Our Company

Landmark Canada, a licensed distributor of La Capitale Financial Security Insurance Company, was founded upon a tradition of excellence to serve the unique needs of the self-employed. The self-employed require innovative, flexible and creative services for themselves and their businesses. The middle to high risk self-employed have additional issues that need to be addressed and serviced by a proactive company whose expertise and experiences lends itself to finding special solutions for this under-served segment of Canada's self-employed population. Landmark Canada, which has distinguished itself with its many years of experienced leadership, gold standard products and excellent customer service, professionally serves this very special niche market – middle to high risk self-employed.

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Landmark Canada offers a great opportunity for selected individuals to develop their own career paths as well as the unique experience and opportunity to participate in the long term equity in the business they have helped build. Our fast track leadership program offers an excellent compensation package that also includes equity participation.

If you qualify for a position with Landmark Canada, you are in a win-win-win situation!
WIN – Offer great products and services to our niche marketplace.
WIN – You can earn an exceptional income and receive residuals for you and your family.
WIN – As a Senior executive, you can have an equity participation in the company you helped to develop.

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President's Message

Landmark Canada has a continuing mission to provide Canadian families with the best specialized self-employed benefits and services in the marketplace. We have intentionally focused on the growing blue and grey collar self-employed market as we feel this is severely underserviced. We have done our research on the industry and believe we have put together and can offer an outstanding portfolio of unique products. We have served thousands of middle to high risk self-employed Canadians, who depend upon our licensed professionals to determine their needs and adhere to our time tested philosophy of a total commitment to our client’s well-being. Our team works relentlessly on enhancing all aspects of our operation, with this continuous effort serving as a cornerstone to our longstanding success. In this way we ensure you have access to the specialized coverages best suited to your unique situation.

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Our team of leaders and executives together have over 200 years of experience.

Leadership Team

The philosophy of the Landmark group of companies is to encourage, train, and inspire men and women to achieve high levels of personal and professional excellence.
Our mission is to continually work with our professionals to help them learn the necessary leadership skills in order to to help them grow successful careers within our business family.
Our leadership philosophy is to help men and women who have been selected to be a part of our business family to become the person they are truly capable of being.
We believe success is not an accident. We believe success is a commitment to achieving one’s professional goals.

  • CEO - Gerald Weiner
    • 55+ years of experience

  • COO - Paul Edmondson
    • 45+ years of experience

  • President - Greg Emery
    • 25+ years of experience

  • Director of National Recruiting - Fred Flaxman
    • 25+ years of experience

  • Senior Executive - John O'Keefe
    • 30+ years of experience

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Landmark Canada
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Suite 102 - 2902 South Sheridan Way
Oakville, ON L6J7L7

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