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Keep your business running

Business Protection

Business protection is a vital solution for those with ongoing business expenses whether the business is functioning or not.

If you are self-employed, your financial responsibilities go well beyond yourself and your family. Your business partners, employees and creditors also depend on your ability to work. Good planning can save your business. When you can’t work, routine bills can quickly eat up your investments, RRSPs and even home equity. Worried creditors can force you into receivership or bankruptcy and if you miss quarterly income tax installments the Canada Revenue Agency can demand full payment plus interest after one year.

La Capitale Financial Security pays your full benefit regardless of any other benefits you receive.

Important Features

Business Protection

To guard against all of this, individual disability plans can be tailored to provide you with the income replacement you require and the Business Protection programs we offer will reimburse you for your covered monthly business expenses for up to 2 years if you become Partially or Totally Disabled as a result of an accident or illness. You will be reimbursed upon proof of incurred business expenses up to the amount you have selected.

Monthly benefits up to $6,000
Level of Protection: From $600 to $6,000
Elimination Period: From 0 days to 15 days
Guaranteed Renewal: Up to age 75 as long as you are a business owner, regardless of any change in your health or the number of claims you have made, as long as you pay your premium.

Included with Business Protection Plan

Important Features

  • Choose your own physician or chiropractor for medical attention

  • 90% of complete claims are settled within 7 days

  • No benefit limits for soft tissue injuries or back injuries or sprains/strains

  • La Capitale Financial Security Pays your Full Benefit Regardless of any other Benefits You Receive

  • No taxes withheld

  • Benefits paid directly to you

  • Available to qualified applicants only

Business Protection

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