The philosophy of the Landmark group of companies is to encourage, train, and inspire men and women to achieve high levels of personal and professional excellence. Our mission is to continually work with our professionals to help them learn the necessary leadership skills in order to to help them grow successful careers within our business family.

Our leadership philosophy is to help men and women who have been selected to be a part of our business family to become the person they are truly capable of being. We believe success is not an accident. We believe success is a commitment to achieving one's professional goals.  "Success is your intellectual and emotional commitment to continually strive to achieve your worthy ideal!" -Earl Nightingale

Our team of leaders and executives together have over 200 years of experience.

Gerald Weiner, CEO (40+ years)

Paul Edmondson, COO (34+ years)

Greg Emery, President (20+ years)

John O'Keefe, Senior Executive-London (24+ years)

Jim Mitchell, Executive Committee Advisor - Maritimes (30+ years)

Darrell Massie, Special Services Trainer - London (19+ years)

Margaret Curitti, Senior Administration Advisor (28+ years)

Patrick Smith, LL. B, Compliance Officer (13+ years)