Our Executive Team has together over 200 years of experience within our specialized fields.

Each of the Landmark Canada companies is a unique organization dedicated to promoting, supporting and servicing the men and women who are part of our business family. Our goal is to remain focused on providing the very best products and services with outstanding customer support.

Landmark Canada


Landmark Canada is comprised of a strong nucleus of field, marketing, and executive leaders who have been very successful in their niche marketplace.  Many of these leaders have been working together since 1971 to provide the hands-on guidance and direction of the company. Selected individuals are given the opportunity to move into various levels of leadership through a fast-track leadership program.  Our team of executives are truly “leaders by example”.

Baby Brands International


Baby Brands International is the newest member of the Landmark family of companies. Baby Brands International is committed to being the largest provider of samples, coupons, and gifts to expectant and new parents by providing the best of value to both our club members and brand-name advertisers.


Landmark eLearning


Landmark is a "complete solutions" provider of courseware, including off-the-shelf eLearning courses, custom content development tailored exactly to your needs and our own authoring tool, Liquid Authoring. Additionally, we offer a dynamic yet easy to use learning management system. We know there is never a "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to your training needs. That's why we will work closely with your team to implement a solution that works with you, not against you.